Letus 5DMKII/7D Powered Cage

Letus 5DMKII/7D Powered Cage




The much requested Canon 5DMKII/7D powered cage is now available! This powered cage provides regulated power to the Canon 5DmkII or the Canon 7D via a custom battery dongle inserted into the camera. The dongle attaches to the inside opening of the cage for a sleek, compact setup. 

Our powered cage also features a built in start/stop button and a programmable IR remote transmitter. This allows you to easily start and stop recording by pushing an easily accessible button on the cage rather than trying to reach the, usually hard to access, record button on the camera body.

Power is supplied to the cage via a 2 pin lemo style to d-tap connector. This allows you to power the camera off of a standard Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate. We offer an Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate through our site as a great option for external battery mounting. We highly recommend our camera interface plate or our padded long weight for mounting your battery plate to (see related products).

The front LEMOs feature a 2 pin processed power (7.2v-8.4v) and a 3 pin infrared emitter plug. The rear LEMOs feature a 2 pin power input, a 2 pin processed power (7.2v-8.4v), and a 4 pin input button for a remotely mounted start/stop button.

The cage itself is CNC milled from high grade aluminum an hard anodized for durability. It features a myriad of 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points along the top, sides, and bottom. This allows you to mount your accessories to the cage or your cage to larger items like car mounts or the landing gear of an F-16 fighter jet. Yes, that has actually been done with one of our cages!

The powered cage is extremely light weight. We've shaved a lot of aluminum out from our previous Talon cage design. The new cage comes in at just over a pound.


Compatiblity Note:

This cage is designed to work with the MCS Baseplate only.

A quick overview of the Letus 5D/7D Powered Cage

0:00 Intro
0:07 Rear overview
0:59 Programing the rear button
1:21 Front overview
2:23 Bottom overview
2:44 Installing the battery dongle


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