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MCS Bundles

When you need a “bare bones” camera rig, the Action Cam is the rig! This system is designed to give you minimal weight to maneuver on the camera end. All of the batteries, remotes, transmitters, etc. are stored in the MCS custom backpack. This is the system Shane uses when he needs the most nimble setup possible.

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$1,000.00   $900.00

The Man Cam was inspired by the military. It treats the camera as if it were a machine gun and gives a very unique shooting style. This setup was developed by Shane while filming Navy SEALS during the production of Act of Valor. Like the Action Cam, the majority of camera accessory weight is moved off of the camera and into a custom backpack. Handles are configured so the camera rig can be gripped and easily supported in both hands. A preview monitor makes for easy shot composition without having to worry about an EVF against the face. The MCS ManCam was designed to be used with remote follow focus setups.

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$2,130.00   $1,920.00

The Shoulder Cam was developed for shoulder mounted camera work. Designed around the shooting methods used on a 35mm Panavision setup, the Shoulder Cam closely mimics the feel of a true 35mm film camera.

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$2,930.00   $2,640.00

The Studio Cam was designed for tripod shooting with an EVF. The patent pending EVF leveling system allows the camera operator to tilt the camera up and down with minimal movement on the EVF eyepiece. While not a new concept in the 35mm film world, this is the first EVF leveler designed for the DSLR and smaller form factor cameras. The EVF leveler greatly simplifies the camera operators job as it requires much less head movement than a hard mounted EVF solution.

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$3,350.00   $3,015.00

The MCS Complete Bundle contains every part needed to build any of the four complete MCS Bundles including mattebox and follow focus. This is the ultimate collection for the Master Cinema Series and provides the broadest range of configuration options.

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$6,560.00   $5,910.00