Letus Matte Box - LTMB1
  • Letus Matte Box - LTMB1
  • Letus Matte Box - LTMB1
  • Letus Matte Box - LTMB1

Letus Matte Box - Basic Kit


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Please click the "?" for more information.

This is our "Basic Kit" mattebox. It's a basic setup which includes the mattebox and a 15mm rod clamp. If you are looking for more options, check out our "Complete Kit" which includes the french flag, side flags, and lens clamp in one bundle.

One of our most requested accessories! The Letus Matte box has been in development for over two years. We've lost count of what generation we are on now it has evolved so much. We feel the end result is the most versatile and well thought out solution on the market today. About the only thing it won't do is make your morning cup of coffee... but we may work on that feature too.

On to the features! We all love bullet points.


  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined out of high grade aluminum sourced from Switzerland
  • Resin parts are extreme durability polymers to withstand the rigors of production
  • 3-4 stage matte box including the 138mm circular polarizer holder
  • Innovative ARF (Anti-reflection Tray) prevents light reflection into actors face when backlit
  • Matte box holds two (2) 4x5.65 filters at an angle or three (3) 4x5.65 filters straight
  • Includes a 138mm round filter tray for circular polarizer
  • Circular polarizer can be rotated via a small wheel at the top
  • Marking window on matte box to mark polarizer positions for easy repeatability
  • Pop-up filter spring to easily remove circular polarizer
  • Matte box is a light-weight clamp on design with easily interchangeable lens clamps (80mm, 114mm, and more)
  • Rail mount is included for mounting matte box to 15mm support rods
  • Optional top and side flags and eybrows available for fully kitting out the matte box
  • Optional lens clamps available for simple clamp-on functionanlity (highly recommended)


  • Letus Matte Box
  • 4x5.6 Anti-reflection Filter Tray (holds 1 or 2 filters at an angle)
  • 138mm Round Filter Tray
  • 15mm Rails Mount


  • 138mm Variable ND / Color Temp Filter Kit
  • Lens clamps for clamp-on ability
  • French Flag
  • Side Flags
  • Flag eyebrows
  • Filter trays

This Matte Box was designed for out of the box use on Cinema lenses, we are developing accessories for it that will allow it to also be used on the SLR lenses.