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Letus Adapter Bundles

The Mini allows you to achieve full frame, 35mm depth of field without sacrificing the functions of a true video camera. Simply attach the Mini when you want to obtain 35mm footage and remove it when you want to use all of the features of your video camera. This is truly the most versatile setup you can have for consumer and pro-sumer level cameras.

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$1,579.00   $769.00

The Extreme was the first 35mm adapter released when Letus re-launched in 2007. It revolutionized the 35mm adapter market and many tried to copy the innovations we built into this adapter. This was the first 35mm adapter to seamlessly integrate a prism based "flip" optical path which produces an up-right image in the camera. Our one piece design makes for a compact and light efficient adapter. Unlike other adapters on the market, there is no need to purchase a seperate "flip module" to achieve an upright image.

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$1,699.00   $989.00

The Elite is basically a hybrid of our entry level adapter, the Extreme, and our flagship model, the Ultimate. Like the Extreme, the Elite uses a vibrating ground glass design and shares the same prism housing. Like the Ultimate, the Elite includes a back focus adjustment ring and an upgraded achromat lens. The upgraded lens makes the adapter sharper than a stock Extreme.

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$2,749.00   $1,409.00

The Ultimate adapter is our top end model. It is designed for the serious professional needing the most versatile adapter on the market. With its spinning glass design, the Ultimate is not limited to wider f-stops and slower shutter speeds of vibrating type adapters like the Extreme and Elite. The Ultimate is unmatched in quality and features. It is used in television and film studios around the world where demanding users accept no compromise.

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$5,297.00   $2,849.00

The Letus Ultimate ENG Bundle is a pre-configured bundle for use with B4 (2/3") cameras. If you own a B4 camera and you want to use 35mm lenses, then this is the bundle for you!

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$9,050.00   $4,979.00